Promise- Rainbow over Garden of the Gods


  • Rainbow in Garden of the Gods
    Rainbow in Garden of the Gods
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This is the first great image I took. I woke up before dawn and knew that I had to go to the Garden of the Gods. I arrived a few minutes before the sun rose, went to a spot I had seen some kids at a couple of nights before, but hadn't been to before. The giant rock formations seemed to be set on fire by the first rays of the morning sun. As I began to take pictures with my point and shoot camera, a rainbow appeared. I began taking as many pictures as I could of the rainbow, fearful that it would disappear as quickly as it had appeared. An hour or two later, when I got home, I found out that I had captured some of the best images I had ever seen of one of the prettiest places on Earth. 48" w x 20" tall- limited edition of 999 individually numbered- autographed or not autographed- your choice of canvas or glossy paper-

Sizes 48" W x 20" H- Lg- 33½"W x 14" H- Med